WordPress plugins can help increasing subscribers: There are many awesome WordPress plugins can bring traffic or grow more subscribers. Listing up 7 of them today, and you can search more new WP plugins anytime since new WP plugins have been created very frequently. But it's really time consuming to figure out  one by one if they are suitable for your site. Today, I'm going to help you saving your time to list out these 7 great WordPress plugins that will increase your subscribers. I think after you read them all, you will find out which one is suitable for your WordPress websites.

1. Wordpress plugins MailPoet Newsletters - auto responder

Finally, I found MailPoet Newsletters, I use it for all of my websites instead of the auto responder outside of WordPress. There are free version and Pro version, once you have more than 2000 subscribers, the free version wont fit your need any more, then you need to upgrade to the Pro version. 

Lots of theme designs, only drag & drop your content into the template you chose. Vistit the website to learn more.

wordpress plugins_mailpoet

2. Wordpress plugins Pippity - Relevant and Timely Popups

Popups are cool even though they can be very annoying but can also improve conversion.

The above screenshoot is one of the Pippity popup themes, it will not slow down your website speed since it's quite small.

On the above configuration, you can set to display the popup. For example, you can set up the popup appearing at the end of your post after a time interval and only appearing to a user once. Even setting up different popups based on what site the user is coming from! It's neat, isn't it? Pippity is not a free WordPress plugin but with those cool features, it's worthy.

wordpress plugins_pippity

3. Wordpress plugins Hellobar - Grab your Audiences Attention!!!

Hellobar is a narrow bar that appears on the top of your website with a message that encourages people to click on it as the below screenshoot. This is a less intrusive way of grabbing your user’s attention but by using eye catching colors you can make it stand out. For example, you can set up for people to sign up your webinar.

wordpress plugins_Hellobar

You can get this WordPress plugin for free or for month payment as the screenshoot below.

wordpress plugins_Hellobar pricing

4. WordPress plugins Comment Redirect - Just say “Thank you”

Comment Redirect is a free WordPress plugin that you can redirect commenters who just made their first comment to a page of your choice. On this page, you could thank them for commenting and ask them to subscribe to your blog, like you on Facebook, whatever you want!

wordpress plugins_comment redirect

After installing this WordPress plugin, simple click on the left navigation "Plugins" , you will see the comment redirect  configuration, scroll down to set up your redirection as you want.

5. WordPress plugins Optinskin - Clear and Effective Calls to Action

Optinskin is a call to action clearly outlines to the website visitor what the next course of action is.

wordpress plugins_optinskin

As the above screenshot usually locates at the bottom of a blog post.

When a reader gets to the bottom of a blog post it’s likely they have read (or at least skimmed) the article and got some value out of it. At this stage having a clear call to action within the blog post can be a very effective way of getting a new subscriber.

Optinskin has 18 customizable designs to allows you to easily create subscription forms that are effective at converting visitors.

6. WordPress plugins Gravity Forms - Lead Generation Forms Built in a Snap

Gravity Forms is a very easy to use tool for creating forms on your website. So you can create a variety of forms to encourage subscription. 

wordpress plugins_Gravity form

7. WordPress plugins Digg Digg- Sharing is Caring

DiggDigg is a social sharing toolbar that can appear horizontally or vertically on websites. You can set it up to ‘float’ so that as you scroll down your blog post the social sharing icons still stay visible. Digg Digg makes it easy for visitors to share out content and you’ll drive more potential subscribers back to your site.

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