Affiliate marketing success needs you build up your own website where you post contents to drive traffic. A website, your own website is the first bridge for you to connect with other people, to build up a trust relationship with strange people online. People read your posts, learn about you and the product/service you recommend to them. If you really want to be success online, continue read, I will show you how to build your own website just in some minutes.

Affiliate marketing: Find your niche from Amazon, Clickbank.

You can find a lot of products on these 2 areas, select the product intereted you. Use the product name or brand to get keyword idea, and your domain name

Affiliate marketing: Research the keyword

Go to google to see if the keyword is popular and low competition, you can put more words in front of the keyword or behind for a domain name.

Affiliate marketing: Purchasing a domain related to your keyword

For a website name, the best is end with .com, .net is the second consider if .com is not available, you also choose .org if both .com and .net are not available. Just because these 3 kinds of domain name is easy to rank in Google.

Affiliate marketing: Create your website

You can get a free hosting to create you website, I am not kidding, it's real, you are not dreamin. Click Here register to create you free website.

Affiliate marketing: Add Google, Bing and Social Media

Add Google Analysis

Add Google Master

Add Bing Master

Create Pinterest Account

Affiliate marketing: Install essential plugins

Yoast SEO

All in one security

For me, After buying a domain name, it only took me 10 minutes to build up my own website ready for posts. Am I super smart, no, I have someone taught me, I just followed what he showed me step by step, that's a live training, real time. Wanna watch the live training?

Click Here to Watch Our Live Training Replay. 




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