Keywords are the most important element to traffic to a website. Lack of website traffic is one of the most common challenges. If no-one visited your website, then you are doing something wrong. Do you know your keywords? Did you use your keywords in the correct way? You need a keywords tool to give you information and direction to use your keywords. 

Considered your website was just your shop, you wanted to have lots of customers, then you had to put your shop in the area where's always swarming with customers, then your shop had many chances to be found by people. People saw your shop displaying products by their eyes when they passed by, on the internet, people search products, information by typing keywords.


Keywords - how does it relate to your site and the traffic?

It lies in your choice of keyword. You chose a keyword then you asked a keywords tool for information about that keyword. Then the keyword tool tells you there's a swarm of traffic, and that the swarm is ON PAGE 1. So you've been told categorically, but you did not to that, you put your keywords in some other page - that page did not get traffic.

Keywords - Go where the customer go 

The keyword has the traffic, sure, but you need to put your website where that traffic is. The keyword tool tells you via the QSR, what page YOU will be on, if you decided to use that keyword. The QSR tells you how far your website will be AWAY FROM the traffic.

  • QSR 0-20 are on Page 1. These are the website that get the traffic
  • QSR 21-40 are on page 2
  • QSR 41-60 are on Page 3
  • etc


You make that choice from the QSR.

Keywords - The solution

If you want traffic then you need to stop using the wrong keywords. Stop using keywords with great traffic on a page that does not get traffic. 

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