Empower_NetworkName: Empower Network
Website: www.empowernetwork.com

Before Price:$25/mth basic, $100/mth inner circle, $19 payment, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15K Formula, $3,500 Master’s Retreat

Current Price: $25/mth basic Kalatu blog system, $100/mth inner circle,
$19.99/mth Get prospectus, Affiliate qualification
$500 (one time)Top Producer Formula
$1,000 (one time)Team Building Formula
$3500(one time) Mass Influence Formula

iPAS 2: $47/mth Basic iPas2 system
$197 Six Figure Shortcuts
$97/mth IPAS2 Pro
$144.95/mth Bronze IPAS2 Level plus the basic IPAS2 system
$500 one time Silver IPAS2 Level plus the Bronze IPAS2 Level
$1,000 one time Gold IPAS2 Level plus the Silver IPAS2 Level
$3,500 one time Black Card Level plus the Gold IPAS2 Level
or a total of $5,316.95
$3997 Black card plus the profit maximizer affiliate license and the IPAS2 products, then get access to the Special VIP black card events: $19.95

Owners(before): David Wood & David Sharpe
Current Owner: David Wood only

Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points 

Do we have to pay so much to learn the basic? I respect the work who provide training for the online marketing. But I do think - Empower Network is a hype from my own experience with it.

And that I'm really not happy because I did not get any real training only up-sell. and I'm going to uncover some of the reasons why within. In this review I am going to be walking you the inside of Empower Network. 

empowernetwork review_login

Helping you decide whether or not it might be your path to Internet success. You are going to get a good idea why. I found it out after my unhappy experience. It is not too late for you before taking your money out of your pocket to them. 

Empower Network Review: To be a member

Empower Network (EN) has been often times confused as being a REAL opportunity because of the relentless marketing taking place by the people pushing the product. I paid $25 to get into the basic, it called Kalatu Blogging System. That's the beginning of my nightmare. 

Empower Network_Kalatu blog

The blog system is not special as it's told. All themes of the Kalatu Blogging System are all from WordPress free themes, you can found them in WordPress.org.

And Kalatu is not the only one for a brand newbie to set up a WordPress website, I paid for $25 buckets to use it. I don't think it's called free. 


I found a completely free platform called Siterubix, I can set up 2 WordPress websites without paying a dime. I will show it to you later on.

I set up my blog very quickly even I really did not think the Kalatu blog system easy to use, actually it confused me for a little while since I knew how to set up a blog just use the free theme from WordPress.org.

Finally you set up a blog in the Kalatu system, now what? What should you write on your blog now, right? For a newbies, they have no ideas. Keep it in mind, I wanted to know what I should write in my blog.

I went back to listen the next video tried to find out how to do so. The slimy promotions began. There're 5 videos to wash my brain. I wanted to know what I should write to drive traffic.

Empower Network Review: iPas 2 Internet Marketing System

I did not find any suggestion for my confusion but I was dragged to another up-sell. I did not remember in which video iPas 2 pop out in front of me, I wondered why it brought me to another website, it's not in the Empower Network system.

I contacted my sponsor, he told me, it's separated, I had to buy it then I would get the professional marketing training. I asked why, your team would not give me some training? His answer was "the training from my team was only our own experiences, iPas 2 provides more professional training, because the creator is very famous and successful".

$7 for 7 days trial, I was in, because I wished that I could learn something. Inside the ipas 2 website, in a video, the man in the right of the below image told that I had to pay full price $47 then I would get the basic access. What?! - Go to hell! that's my words at that time. I ignored it. Back to the Empower Network, I thought that I might get some hope there to learn something marketing.

Empow Network_iPas2 inside

Empower Network Review: Get prospectus

I did not understand what's that for. The explanation for me was that I had to pay for their affiliate program, once I pay for it this $19.99, I can get my payment. I paid for that, because I wanted to know what's going on for the next. 

Emporwer Network_trust

Empower Network Review: Inner Circle

After the payment, I got access for the next video. This time, it's talking about Inner circle. Yes, that's her, she's in most of the 5 vidoes. Now she talked about there're lots of successful members inside the inner circle sharing their experiences and skills. I always believe that's a good way to learn from successful people. I wanted to learn, so I paid $100 again to qualify for the inner circle. 

Empower Network_core_commitments

Here is the inner circle, most of them are audios, I spent time to listen some topics which interested me. The so called successful people from the audios did not tell how they did drive traffic for their websites, I just heard how excited they're with Empower Network and its products and what kind of products they promoted and got big money.

I did not want to hear that! I wanted to know how you did for your traffic and marketing, not your stories! I was a little angry. I thought I was fool and be played around by those so called guru!

Anyway, I wanted to finish all video to have a look what the latest result would be. I hold my anger and forced myself calm down to turn on the next video. 

Empower Network_inner circle

Empower Network Review: Top Producer Formula

It costs $500. It's called a Must Have for your online marketing education, "Taught by some of the industries most prolific sponsors, this program will show you how you can become a top producer in your business."

Wait a minutes, do you realized that? Are you familiar with that promotion way? YES! I felt that I was in a kind of trap - I was keeping got up-sells. Meanwhile, my sponsor was so busy sending me his own products to my email too.

And I spent my time to get into my team weekly live training, I hoped that I could learn some real marketing skills to drive traffic to my blog. But I was so disappointed, they were the same talking about how excited they were with EN, what product they promoted. 

Empower Network-Top Producer Formula

Maybe, I still have some hope in the membership area? There's a product called Team Building Formula cost $1000, one time payment. Why my team could not teach me?

Let's do some math now, If I pay all of that, how much I had to spent until this step so far: $25/mthly (the Kalatu blog system) + $47/mthly(iPas 2) + $19.99/mthly(affiliate program). The totally monthly fee would be $91.99. If I wanted to be an affiliate, extra $19.99.

I did think it's too much, compared with Chrisfarrellmembership or Wealthaffiliate, it's really too expensive. You can find information in my site about each of them.There's also no up-sell in those 2 training websites. All of them provide a free try.

My final thoughts

1. $25 monthly for the blog system - it is really unnecessary.

  • I found Siterubix  to set up my 2 free websites and free hosting, I did not need to pay a dime.

2. $100 monthly for the inner circle

  • I don't need to spend 100 buckets to listen those people to tell me how excited they're with EN.

3. $19.99 for EN affiliate

  • I did not have to pay an extra dime to be an affiliate of Chrisfarrellmembership or Wealthaffiliate once I became a membership.

4. I got no help unless I bought the product $500 - Top Producer Formula, $1000 - Team Building Formula or $3500 - Mass Influence Formula. What the heck?! 

It's not right, the method of Empower Network is not right - I paid for that but there's no real product behind the program, rather I am the product!


The goal of the EN program is getting me to promote the very same scheme to other people and building a downline, a pyramid. Unlike other MLM products where there is actually a product that you are selling to customers (ex. Jeunesse, Melaluca, etc), Empower completely lacks this element.

Empower Network_David

Here is a breakdown of the Pros & Cons of the Empower Network program:


  • Get your own empowernetwork.com blog


  • No free trial.
  • Has all of the common attributes of a PYRAMID Scheme.
  • Riddled with “upsells”.
  • No clear description of what the business is about, what you will be doing or what kind of interests you need for success.
  • If you join, you have to become a ruthless sales person promoting Empower Network to others.
  • If you want to succeed, you have to invest minimum $144.99/mth.
  • You have to PAY $19.99 per month just so you can get paid.
  • Widespread COMPLAINTS online about Empower Network.
  • No access to the owners.

They are slimy, they promote slimy promotions, if I continue with them, I am going to unfortunately be required to pass on the “slimy” tradition.

Empower Network Review: The Cost totally joining Empower Network

The pricing of Empower is complex and much more than it initially appears. 

Blog Beast – Blogging System ($25 per month)

Then you can edit your blog, that's a basic fee. There is nothing unique about this blog and you are tied to the EmpowerNetwork. You can do the same in the normal WordPress theme. In fact, you can get much better blogs, your own FREE WordPress blogs where you can promote your own niche, you don't need to are not tied into promote EN. Because the EmpowerNetwork.com is starting to get caught as SPAM by many search engines (not good!)

I also do not own the content I created on my blog in Katatu blog system.  I quit Empower and hadn't been able to delete my websites because when I joined, I had to sign a disclaimer stating that I didn’t own any of the content I created. The disclaimer is for everyone who join EN. So I basically get nothing for this $25 per monthly fee other than fact that I was creating contents for someone else on a blog that looks the same as everyone else. 

And later I found out by searching, these “paid” blogs have lost a lot of their “mojo” within the search engines since late May, 2013. In fact, EN no longer holds the #1 ranking under their own keywords (you can check for yourself if you like).  

This is because Google has deemed a good portion of the website as SPAM within their latest Penguin update. You can get much superior blogs for free elsewhere, so if you are buying into this program just for the blog, then I would suggest you save your time and your money.

Get prospectus ($19.99 per month)


That part made me really confused, from the video explanation, my understanding was to qualify getting paid, I had to buy it first. So it should be called E-wallet, they name it "Get prospectus". I had to pay for the payment processor then I got payment. This is unheard of and the only reason that Empower Network has to do this just because they are working on the fringes of what is legal.

There is absolutely no way a company like this would ever get approved by a reputable credit card processing company. Paypal or a normal Merchant account (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) would never allow payments to a company like Empower because they deem it as ILLEGAL or too high risk!

Inner Circle ($100 per month )

This is hardly an inner circle. I got access to some inner circle audios, becoming part of this program allows me to get paid even higher commissions ($100 residuals). And those so called tips from the audio only told how excited they were with EN and what products they promoted to get success.

So again, you are not paying for an actual product, you are paying to further promote the product that doesn’t really exist. It is like having a bag of air that you are selling for $25 and then paying $100 more to be able to sell you bag of air for more. But the EN pricing structure gets even more ridiculous than this!

Top Producer Formula($500 one time payment), it's called Costa Rica Intensive before


This is a video sequence that focuses on building a business for the longer term…a business that again revolves around promoting Empower Network to others. I want to promote other prodcuts I want,  not just EN, but the Top Producer Formula is promoting the same product to others. 

Team Building Formula, it's called The $15K Formula before($1,000 one time payment)


I bought it and then I asked for my money back. This is another video series that total 9 videos includes, each video is about a couple of hours in length.This covers a variety of topics outlining how to promote Empower network online. An example of this is using Youtube or Facebook…

HOWEVER, Empower Network can no longer be promoted via these channels. I did what I'd been taught as the video, you know what? I could not promote EN.  Because Empower has been completely banned from Facebook and Youtube!!! This is the first product/service I've seen by my own eyes that has been banned.

Mass Influence Formula, it's called The Masters Retreat ($3,500 one time payment)

This is a series of 41 videos (mostly motivation). For me, spending $3,500 on motivational videos seems absolutely outrageous. This is a high ticket product and the only reason you will see your upline attempting to get you to buy this product within the EN system. Because he earns commissions off of you when he does. In the meanwhile, he tried to sale his own product to you too via emails.

So totally, at least I have to pay $5,00+ $144.99 per month if I want the full suite of products offered within Empower Network. That is a far cry from the $25 that I've been promoting out there. Be forewarned, Empower Network is expensive, is overpriced, and you are looking at $1,000’s if you want all of their included training (going all in).

So far, do you really think it is worthy to pay so much to learn the basic and then you have to promote someone's product not your own?

Who is Empower Network Intended for?

They claim everyone is going to earn money, with little money, with little work, on autopilot!  Sounds like the DREAM we are all envisioning, doesn’t it?

However, that is not the reality of this program.  Although anyone can join this product, it is intended for people that are willing to work very hard to build a downline and in many cases, do so in an unethical way because you are not actually “selling” anything to people, you are selling the fact that they will be able to sell what you are selling.

Empower Network Review: The Compensation Model 

The more I dig into this apparent product, the more confusing it becomes as to what it actually is. It is reminiscent of “pen mail” where you send 5 people, they send another 5 people…and then so on and so forth.

Empower Network_pyramid

The person at the top of the pyramid (or triangle) gets paid the most, just like any other ponzi scheme, the Empower has unlimited levels and payouts are always going to be “passed up” to the people at the top.

Guess who is not at the top.  ME.  Guess who is at the top?  The owners and the first few folks that got in at the starting point.

If you are not good at aggressive recruitment and hard selling people on the idea of a scheme like the one above, Empower Network is not going to be for you.

I Tired of Ruthless Schemes Like Empower, I Got REAL Help. I show you the video later.

Tools & Training of Empower Network

There are several different layers to the training offered at EN, each have an additional price point, I had to pay for them. The training provided is the one “whom” I sign-up through in this scheme. I did not get any real skills to drive traffic to blog from him except up-sells. The actual materials within EN are very weak in nature and all of them are centered entirely around “how to promote empower network to others”.

There's also A LOT of emphasis on upgrading after I got into the system.This is called going “All In” and my upline encouraged me to go "All in" if I wanted to be successful online. 

If I buy all the stuff, over $5,000 in total, this money is going directly to him and his uplines. If I don’t buy it, then nobody is going to make money off of me and I can expect to be shunned by those “above” me. 

If you are looking to earn money online and do it in a way that is ethical and can be applied to any niche, Empower Network will not be the community for you. Their primary focus is going to be training you how to promote Empower Network to other people.

Empower Network Support

If you want a personal support system, EN is not going to be your program. There is no training or support offered without an extra cost (Inner Circle which is $100 per month for audios), and even at that, it is not a personal training, it's series of audios. I never recommend Empower Network program that does not offer personal support and in which you do not have direct access to the owners.

You will never have contact with the owners directly. The owner, he is active in the promotion of his product and motivating the “crowd” to promote EN, but you will not see him selflessly helping folks out except up-sell videos.

Also, many folks complain that they are belittled within Empower Network by their so called “team leaders” if they don’t go all in. Going "All in" means that you buy all of their low grade products (which make your team leaders money) and if you don’t buy into the up to $5,000+ in products over the course of a year, be prepared to be called some really vulgar names (You can google more customer comments for Empower Network Review if you don’t believe me).

There are weekly calls from the David’s which is more of a “rah rah” session than anything else, aiming to recruit more people into their scheme.

My Final Word on Empower Network

I've stayed as far away as I can from Empower Network and don’t look back. 

There is NO product. The product is based around YOU promoting the Empower Network system to other folks - I can say  it is pyramid scheme. There surely are different things you can purchase within Empower Network after you buy into the initial blog, but that is there to drive the compensation model.

I am not active within Empower, my “sponsors” did not give me any additional help instead of spam me his own product to my email. 

I got a lot of people “excitedly” promoting Empower Network to me before, after I got into Empower Network, and I found out that's ONLY because I was in, and they are going to earn more money if  I sign-up more people, not because they believe in the product itself (although they think they do). 

There is a definite reason one of these owners is located in Costa Rica & a component of their business is run out of there.  It is because of the fact they are running a borderline illegal ponzi scheme that merchant accounts like Paypal or major credit card companies will not touch. Costa Rica is also a tax haven free of any taxes, so it is a good place to avoid any taxation in the US.

My Final VERDICT: SCAM!!! No product, pyramid-style scheme, VERY expensive, no support, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!

I should search online to find out these Empower Network Complaints first before I joined it…

Empower Network Complaint #1: Empower Network – A Not So Favorable Review
Empower Network Warning #2: Empower Network Review…Scratch That…WARNING!
Empower Network Bullying Complaint #3: Empower Network Bullies!

VERDICT: SCAM!!! No product, pyramid-style scheme, VERY expensive, no support, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!

Fortunately, I found out the truth after I was inside their system. The below is the words from other people after experienced EN.

Empower Network_iPas2

When you see that lady, just walk away from them!


My last advice in the below image for you. 

Empow Network_your step

Remember I told in the beginning, 2 free blog websites and free hosting which I found out. Check out the video below, I showed you how to get a free account and use Siterubix blog platform, put your credit card away! You don't need to pay a dime to learn the basic and use the knowledge what your learn to set up a WordPress website!

2 thoughts on “Have to pay so much to learn the basic – Empower Network review

  1. Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.
    Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal
    but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start.
    Do you have any ideas or suggestions? With thanks

    1. Hello Shaun,
      That is no problem, you can ask any questions here. No doubt tech. guys are very smart, as I have a tech. hubby. lol…I was a housewife before and knew nothing about WP before, it’s not difficult at all, especially for a tech. guy.
      I would suggest you to take a free try platform, because there are lots of scams online. You can’t trust anything until you actually are able to try it. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free WordPress website set up platform, you don’t need to pay a penny then you can build 2 WP websites including free hosting. And Wealthy Affiliate also provides a free starter membership where you can get a taste of how helpful and support (and useful) the platform is before you have to invest any of your money into it. You can learn more about Wealth Affiliate in my post here – http://shirleyliang.com/wealth-affiliate-my-unique-take/
      Where you will know: What you promote, how you promote it, how you get traffic and build your brand, and EVERYTHING you need to create and grow a business online are going to be covered within the training.

      I also recommend you to read this post too that help you understand how to making money online correctly before you decide to do so. – http://shirleyliang.com/making-money-online/

      If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me questions here. 🙂

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