How to create your first product: Give yourself 5 minutes, think of what talent you have. Don't look down yourself, because everyone has a talent - Everyone has something can be a product just like everyone can cook! My little boy has wrote 5 books, lol.. yes, 5 books, every just some sentences repeated, but he's trying to tell me a story, what's his thoughts about something interesting him. Look, even a 6 years old boy can do that, don't hesitate your talent. If you think like that, "oh no one would want this” or “no one cares” or even worse, “who would want to buy that from me?” Then you never has any products to sell. Ok,  now let's check out these 5 tips to help you creating your first product.

1. Forget what others are saying

The most important is forget what you are saying to yourself especially like “I can’t do it” or “no one will want that“.

It doesn't matter that your first product will bomb or, better yet, or not even be your first product at all.

2. Have a mind mapping on your idea/product/service

Draw out a mind map for your idea/product/service on a paper, or if you like a free resource to make a mind map check out .

It does need some time crafting an idea, revisiting the idea and, ultimately, completing it. This first step will get you started.

3. Make your product as simple as .pdf what information people want and are willing to pay you for that information.

Do you notice many information or books contain 2 simple words "How To"? When you searched online for some information, you might type " how to ", you might see many " How To" books in a bookshop or someone you knew also read books named "How to..."

Look, people are looking for “How To” guides even ourselves. " How to" is a popular words to find information.

4. Your product or service is likely something you are already doing online or a particular field you already are an authority in.

For example, I'm very skill to cook chinese food, and I realized more and more western people like chinese food. My mother-in law then gave me an old chinese cook book. That brought me an idea to create a eBook for most popular chinese cooking.

This product wasn’t an obvious product but many people like that.

5. If needed,find Like Minded Individuals

Creating products can be very time consuming if you are working alone. As me, I have a tech guru to help me for the hosting server. With Scott, my tech guru, I dont worry about such as wordpress setup or hosting speed


As just start a first product, so don't try making it perfect. The most important thing is to get started. The first product will lead you to the second even the third and fourth product likely. After creating more products by more practices, you’ll be a product creation expert soon.

Feel free to hit me up. I’d love to hear what you are working on.

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