Making money online was one of my big dreams. I thought that it's out of my reach before. After I saw the 1st money into my Paypal account, I was excited and emotional, because I learned and worked very hard, finally I got paid. (Warning) The 4 lettered indeed word is using in this article. I know many people don’t like to hear about it... so if you were got offended please stop reading now...

I'd like to share with you a few random thoughts that have been rattling around inside my head for a while...and it is not my new discovery, it is commonplace…That is one of the reason people don’t like to face it. I was one of those people. When did I believe the 4 lettered indeed word is the truth? From the day I saw the real money in my account just in a week.

Now - if you know me - or if we have met - you will know that I was struggling in writing these words (Actually I wrote the thoughts down after I saw the real money in my account...very emotional…since I tried so hard and all the ways, and finally the result told me, I can’t escape the facts…) - to list just the facts - yes if you don’t like to listen the truth, please stop reading now. And here's the truth.

Making money online: I invested in myself.

What does this mean? I was prepared to invest both time and money in order to succeed.

Making money online: Invest in my future.

Now - I am afraid - I am about to give many rude awakening.

“Can I make money online QUICKLY?” You may want to ask me.

My answer is: I'm sorry - because it's not going to happen. I am aware I am probably the first person to say this to you. If you want to make money online NOW -- you may as well stop reading this NOW - as it's not going to happen.

There are enough products out there that will happily reach for your wallet - guaranteeing you instant riches - but instead all they will deliver - are empty promises.

Lets get back to brass tacks here.Internet Marketing is a business first and foremost. And like ANY business - to become successful there will be new skills to learn first. Why should Making Money Online be any different? The answer is - It isn't!

Do you honestly think that you can make money online by pressing a few buttons and doing next to nothing?? Frankly - anyone does that - and excuse my bluntness here - is nothing more than foolish. And a fool and his money are parted soon.

You might be one of those people thought “I have a computer - therefore I can make money.”

Eexcuse my bluntness again - Don't you think you are just like a fool saying as : "I have a car therefore I can be a professional racer" ?  

There is no correlation whatsoever - between having a computer - and making money online.

I think at least 1000 years later, a computer robot work for human being will be invented. So, before the time is coming, we have to face to the reality -

There is no correlation whatsoever - between having a computer - and making money online.

The reason I am really flagging this up - because many (the majority) will happily tell you otherwise.

Many will scream at you that “it's easy to make money online” - and that EVEN YOU -  can be making money online within days - hours - even minutes.These are just rouses to get to your credit card.

Now - I realize that many people whom reading this may not believe me.

That's because EVERY DAY - people will fall for these get rich quick scams - because most people are OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS.

I was one of them, I experienced, the result is I spent lots of money on what they told me but I did not earn any penny.

Why are there still so many those get rich quick ads online? – Because most people only hear what they want to hear, especially for new beginners. Most people will choose the path of least resistance - thinking that the next shiny button will give them financial freedom.

And all this rubbish wants me to SCREAM out the 4 lettered indeed word LOUDLY. Forgive me if you get offended. Are you ready? Here it comes... ...WORK

There is only one path to financial freedom exist until right now. And it's that horrible 4 lettered indeed word - WORK.

Now if you're ok with this - then maybe - just maybe - 6 months from now - you really could be making enough online to cover your mortgage repayment - or the car payment – maybe 2 or 3 years later, you will fire your boss. I'm serious - that really is possible – there are many success testimonials exist. But you are not going to make millions in 6 months.

However - a few hundred to a few thousand every month - is certainly achievable. But before you make anything - you need to invest in yourself.

That means investing TIME ( I always say you need to be giving yourself at least 6 months before you start to make money online). And you will need to invest MONEY.

Again - despite what many will tell you - this business will cost you $$$ to start.

True - not a lot - but you need to be comfortable spending a little each month - to cover hosting fees and an auto-responder and any training that you may be receiving and your domain name. 

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Making money online_free website

You will need to invest both TIME and MONEY -- to learn some new skills BEFORE you see the $$$. But as I have spoken about on countless occasions -- ALL SKILLS ARE LEARNABLE. And therefore - as Making Money Online is a SKILL - IT IS LEARNABLE!

School isn't over! School is NOW!!!

Did you know - 1 in 2 of us - will be doing a different job 2 years from now. 1 in 2! A job for life? It doesn't exist.

By the way - the QUICKEST way to learn - is to find a mentor. That's exactly what I did when I began. Someone that you like and who is doing what it is you want to do. 

But for now - all I would urge you - is to stop being tempted by the next shiny button. Concentrate on learning one thing at a time - and see it through to completion. 

But don’t try to find your way through the wild west, there are too many scams out there, too many “vulture” gurus, and too many people giving out misinformation. - I experienced it. I want to invite you to MY hangout, the place where I got help and I help other folks every day, for free.  No catches, no credit card, just fill out a form and you are IN! ===>Get Started Now to Know more about the Community.

And if you need a hand with anything, or you are confused about the process of “earning” online, don't hesitate to ask, just shoot me a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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