I knew that the # symbol meant the pound sign or the number sign, we still use it on our phone now. My first time to see # on Twitter, the social platform, I was wondering why people used it, then I paid a close attention on each message on twitter what I got.

And I keyed in those words behind hashtag on Facebook searching bar one by one, I saw a lots of posts with # those words what I typed. I did the same on twitter, it also brought me lots of posts with # the word.

Ah-ha! That is the purpose to use this trick on social media. 🙂 

So Hashtag is A word or phrase preceded by the symbol ‘#’

People use it to classifies or categorizes the accompanying text on social media. We saw a lot on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now. Hashtags are searchable and allow people to find posts or tweets that share a common topic.

So, if I put a hashtag in my posts, for example #shirleyliang, then my posts with this tag will be found by others who  clicks or searches the hashtag #shirleyliang.

Can hashtags help promote our business?

Absolutely, it does! From others and my practicum, hashtag is a great tool for increasing social reach. I thought that the hashtag was only a simply a trendy visual, after I used it on my Facebook and Instagram, I got more followers on Instagram, and it does help me engage with customers. 

More specifically, hashtag allow us to join the conversation on trending topics and help build our brand presence.

Join the conversation

Hashtags can be used to increase our social reach and improve our brand awareness by seeking out popular hashtags related to our business industry or target audience. By participating in high traffic discussions, we will gain more visibility and expand your audience for our business.

Build our brand presence

We can also create an original hashtag to promote our campaign or content, which allows us to build a unique brand. Branded hashtags classify our posts on social media and allow us to showcase our business and industry to users who click our hashtag. 

Tips to use hashtags on social media

It's easy to create a hashtag but it’s not always easy to use it effectively. Here are 5 tips to help making the most of hashtags.

1. Using reporting tools: such as Hashtracking, to search for the popularity of a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. 

2. Follow hashtag trends: If using trending hashtags, then you can participate in high traffic discussions. You can see what’s trending on a number of websites, such as  Hachtagify and Trendsmap. 

3. Follow the rules: A maximum of 1-2 hashtags Facebook, 2-3 hashtags for Twitter. Try to always include a hashtag in your Tweet because hashtags are the norm on Twitter.

4. Relevant and specific hashtag: Creating a specific hashtag instead of a generic hashtag. Such as  #Eastersunday instead of #holiday. Holiday hashtags are more relevant when they relate to your brand. 

5. Be consistent: Stick to a hashtag instead of using different hashtags for the same category. If you consistently using a hashtag, it can help to brand your hashtag, your customers can find you similar posts that you have created. 

It’s not too late to join the trend Now. Go ahead to use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram today,  You might even find yourself addicted to using them once you’ve begun. lol...


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