Write an eBook ? Don't hesitate it, anyone can create an eBook. You might see many ebook such as makeup or yoga or ways to lose weight etc. Most of people write ebooks as a marketing utensil.Whatever purpose writing an ebook always follow the below principle.

1. What exactly will you write about? - Share helpful information you’re an expert on.

For example, if you are a chef owned a restaurant, write about some popular dishes receipts you are specializes in, if you are a fitness trainer, write about safe exercises, if you are a nutritionist, write about health diet tips and so on. Determine your expertise, then ask yourself what questions people may have on the topic. Write out your answers in your ebook.

2. Write an eBook in Microsoft Word or Open Office, then save or export your work as a PDF. This preserves your file so recipients can't edit it.

Pictures can be added throughout to illustrate your points.You can display charts or graphs or provide points of visual interest.

You can choose ebook software for your needs such as flipping pages or an embedded video. Click here to check out the software.

3.  Upload your new ebook to your site if you want to bring more traffic. Then, share the ebook by sharing the link to where it lives on your site.

If you had a WordPress website, just add the ebook as a new media as the image below. This works for files up to 10 MB. If your ebook is larger than 10MB, Dropbox is the easiest way to upload to and share the link.


Ok, now you know how create your ebook and where you should publish it, in the next lesson we will walk you through the steps you’ll want to take. We will talk about where to put your product once it is complete. There are many marketplaces and deciding which one is the best for your product or service can be a daunting task with a compelling offer you can reach a world wide audience quicker than you know.

Have fun to create your ebook! 

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